Mea Culpa

6 08 2008

Okay, I’m one of those people who hate blog start-and-stops. Why start a blog and get it all linked up if you’re not going to you know, blog?

Our intentions were good for this blog… and even though I wasn’t totally into it, I did get the logic proposed by the instigator, my mother. But in the end I was right, although I promise I didn’t make a concerted effort to prove her wrong.

Comic-Con has come and gone – and now this blog must do the same.  But just in case ANYONE looked at this blog, I wanted to offer an explanation. And bid you a proper adieu.

We’ll do better next year.


Here we go!

21 07 2008

The week we’ve all been waiting for is here. Stay tuned for photos, status reports and other stuff we have time for. Time? Ha!

Time to finalize our individual schedules and synch up. Yay!

2008 Schedule

16 07 2008

The full list of events was released over the weekend. We’re exhausted by the list, let alone the convention itself. Given the mix of interests and multiple simultaneous events, we won’t see each other for five days.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


11 07 2008
Jensen Ackles Today the CW confirmed Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles will participate in a panel on Sunday.  Time and topic TBC.

First schedule out!

11 07 2008

Thursday’s schedule has been posted for Comic-Con. Huzzah!

Kevin Smith, Keanu Reeves, comic book masters in mass, how to’s, Doctor Who, and Torchwood, just to name a few. And that’s just Thursday! Unfortunately there’s scheduling conficts that will send the four of us in different directions – but we’ll deal!

Check out the schedule. Who do you most look forward to?

Sheraton – San Diego Marina

8 07 2008

We’re staying a few miles from the convention center, but the shuttle will reach us and our downtime will be luxurious.

Comic-Con Transportation Info

Where are you staying?

TV Squad – Expected Shows

6 07 2008

From the smart potatoes at TV Squad, here’s some of what we can expect. Note the unusual mix of non-standard shows, which TV Squad aptly concludes are attending because they’re cult/fan favorites.

  • Warner Brothers: Chuck, Fringe, Pushing Daisies, Smallville, Supernatural, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and The Big Bang Theory
  • 20th Century Television: 24, Bones, Prison Break, Dollhouse, Life on Mars, The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, and Futurama
  • Universal Media Studios: Kings, Knight Rider, The Office, Heroes
  • SciFi: Battlestar Galactica, Eureka, Stargate Atlantis
  • ABC Studios: Lost, Kyle XY, Ghost Whisperer, Wizard’s First Rule